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Cloning: Did You Know?

November 2, 2021

By Diane Broek History: Did you know that the first cloned animal was a sheep named Dolly who was born 25 years ago? Did you know that Trans Ova Genetics had their first cloned calf in 1998? Did you know that Trans Ova Genetics has been providing genetic preservation and cloning services for ~20 years? Did you know that Trans Ova Genetics has produced literally thousands of cloned animals over the years? Services Offered: Did you know that Trans Ova Genetics provides preservation and cloning services to multiple livestock species including cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats? Did you know that…

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It’s Fair Time….How Can I Preserve the Genetics on my Rock Star?

September 1, 2021

By Diane Broek We are in the heart of state fair season, which will be followed by the Royal, the NAILE, the World Dairy Expo, the National Western, and the Texas majors, along with many other shows.  Each of these shows brings a unique opportunity to forever change the life of an exhibitor and the animals they exhibit.  It is also a busy time for Trans Ova Genetics.  For years, savvy exhibitors have realized that they need to preserve the DNA on those animals that rise to the top….the rockstars.  This will provide them with the opportunity to clone those…

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August 7, 2021

By Diane Broek I am often asked if livestock cloning is used for other purposes than the production of rockstar cattle, pigs, sheep, or goats who excel in the show ring or are high genomic animals.  The answer is yes, it is. Cloning is often used in tandem with Gene Editing to produce animals that exhibit traits of importance for animal health, well-being, and/or better production. Examples of such traits include polled or hornless animals, disease-resistant animals, tropically adapted animals, and animals with increased muscle.  Additionally, genetically edited animals have been produced for biopharmaceutical purposes or they can serve as…

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Collecting DNA from your Rockstar Livestock: A video guide

July 28, 2021

A Genetic Preservation preserves the cells and DNA from your elite animal. Starting with a small tissue sample, we produce millions of cells, that are genetically identical to your special animal, after a culture period of several weeks. At that point the cells are frozen for long term storage. A small portion of those cells will be used should you decide to clone in the future. Interested in taking a tissue sample from your animal(s)? We've produced our very own video guide to help you through the entire process. You can place an order for a Genetic Preservation, Express Tissue…

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Happy Birthday, Dolly!

July 27, 2021

Whose Birthday is Celebrated This Month? July 5, 2021, marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of Dolly the sheep…the first mammalian cloned animal produced from an adult cell(cells from the mammary tissue of her genetic donor were used to produce the cell line scientists used in the cloning process).  Dolly was produced by the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh.  She marked a breakthrough that is hailed as one of the great discoveries of the last 50 years and frankly, let’s be honest, I would not be writing this blog without her. We salute Dolly the sheep, and her…

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