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At Trans Ova, we often talk about our “toolbox of services” – (if you’ve listened to our podcast at all, you’re probably familiar with this phrase!) We are proud to empower livestock producers and tailor our services to help each and every person achieve their goals.
Interested in our services? Interested in what brings Trans Ova team members to work each day? Check out our podcast episodes that break down some of the very nitty gritty of what we do.

Trans Ova Testimonials

Heart & Soul Holsteins

Borderview Genetics

Ward Eckloff

Prairie View Farms

Willow Springs

Moreno Ranches

Griswold Cattle Company

Donor Solutions

Dameron Angus

Buck Cattle Company

DelHawk Cattle Company

Blind Badger Ranch

Braden House

Blount Farms

VanZee Angus

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Why Choose Trans Ova?

A Veterinarian’s perspective

Team Trans Ova – Dr. Tim Gibbs

Team Trans Ova – Dr. Kyle Clymer

Team Trans Ova – Dr. José Molina