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Exporting Embryos

Work with Trans Ova to Export your embryos anywhere!

For many years, cattle producers have been shipping embryos and semen across the country. This has become second nature to many people within the industry. One growing trend is exporting embryos to other countries. To export to another country there are testing requirements for the donors, bulls, and even the embryos. Much of the testing requirements also need to occur before embryo collection, during, and after in order for the embryos to qualify. Because every country has their own requirements, be sure to contact a Trans Ova Export Coordinator to make sure you have everything you need to start creating export embryos.

Trans Ova Genetics does not provide insurance on domestic or international shipments. Ask us about what options are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trans Ova Genetics does not provide insurance on domestic or International shipments. Ask us about what options are available.

Answer: Some countries require CSS (certified  semen services) semen used to create the embryos but every country is different. The CSS paperwork is required before embryo creation. Consult a Trans Ova Genetics Export Coordinator to ensure your semen qualifies.  

Trans Ova Genetics can export to just about any country depending on the embryo testing requirements of the desired country. The top three countries we export embryos to are Canada, the EU and Australia.

Yes, anyone interested in exporting China needs to have the work done at a China approved facility. Trans Ova Iowa and Trans Ova Maryland are the only two facilities currently in the Trans Ova system approved for China exports. There are only 20 approved facilities currently approved in the United States. Also, it is important to know that the semen needs to come from a China approved bull stud facility. Currently, there are only 11 approved bull studs. 

The USDA and the specific country’s government work to set testing requirements and regulations to bring embryos in and out of the country. Trans Ova does not make these regulations and rules. We have a dedicated staff that learns these rules and ensures we are following them and educating our clients.

The USDA or country’s government can change requirements at their discretion. The rules could be set for 10 years, and then change all of the sudden. In these cases, we work quickly to make the appropriate changes in our system and make sure any current shipments are still eligible to be exported.

Be proactive! One of the most important things people should know about exporting embryos is knowing what country you would like to export to. From there, Trans Ova can identify the country’s testing requirements. A common mistake is that people will create embryos for a designated country then change their mind. By that time, it is too late, as each country has different requirements and the testing window may have closed. Being able to be proactive and planning ahead is extremely beneficial.

Yes, depending on which country you have chosen for export.  For Canada, IVF and ET embryos, as of right now, do not have any testing requirements. But again, that is up to the USDA and Canada’s discretion to change the testing requirements as they see fit. Some countries require extra testing for IVF and some countries require extra testing for ET. Therefore, it is good to investigate testing requirements before the embryo creation process begins.

If you are looking to do an export project or want to inquire on an export project, call one of our Export Coordinators. We will help walk through the entire process step-by-step – whether you are a regular exporter and still have questions or are brand new to the process.

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