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Embryo Transfer for Small Ruminants

Embryo Transfer (ET) is an advanced reproductive technology and a progressive tool that can help sheep and goat breeders produce more offspring from elite females and can extend the impact of outstanding sheep and goat genetics.

Trans Ova Genetics is well-known for being an industry leader in reproductive technologies in beef and dairy cattle but is excited to now offer services to sheep and goat producers.

Trans Ova Genetics offers the option of performing services in-clinic or on-farm. Along with our ET services, you will experience exceptional client service. Examples of the benefits of our client service department include:

  • When contacting us via the 800 number, a Trans Ova Genetics’ representative will always be available during regular business hours.
  • Conveniently access all of your donor, recipient, semen, embryo and accounting information via our website
  • Many years of experience with advanced reproductive technologies will help you multiply your success as you work with and visit with our client service department.

All Trans Ova Genetics frozen embryos are washed and labeled according to the International Embryo Transfer Society’s protocol. The average number of transferable embryos per collection is 5 – 6; but a wide range of results are common. Some donor collections result in zero viable embryos while other donor collections may yield more than 20 viable embryos. All embryos are evaluated and processed by an embryology team with years of experience.

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