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The Ultimate Short Cut

November 22, 2022

ProGentus Golden Certified Braford F1 Embryo By Dakota Moyers The F1 tiger stripe cow is the undisputed “Queen of the South” Her ability to thrive in tougher environments makes her value unlimited to cattlemen all across the south. Research has backed the claims of cattlemen that the maximized heterosis the tiger stripe cow possesses, allows her to be the productive, long-lasting commercial cow option along the Gulf Coast. However, the toughest part of the tiger stripe Female may be the puzzle of how to create her.  For one, it isn’t cost-effective for commercial producers to run a set of purebred…

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GenPlus: F1 Hereford x Brahman Embryos

November 3, 2021

By Tasha Gruhot-Klimesh, PhD The value of an F1 Angus x Hereford cross (aka blady) has stood the test of time earning its value as one of the best females a commercial producer can utilize. Crossbreed females have the advantage of heterosis resulting in increased conception, longevity, milk production, and disease resistance (both in the F1 female and her calves) as well as breed complementary over their purebred counterparts. Breed complementary allows producers to take advantage of the desirable traits from two separate breeds in one female.  A greater percentage of crossbred heifers reach puberty and become pregnant earlier in…

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