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Small Ruminant Services

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer (ET) is an advanced reproductive technology and a progressive tool that can help sheep and goat breeders produce more offspring from elite females and can extend the impact of outstanding sheep and goat genetics.

Trans Ova Genetics is well-known for being an industry-leader in reproductive technologies in beef and dairy cattle, but is excited to now offer services to sheep and goat producers.

Trans Ova Genetics offers the option of performing services in-clinic or on-farm. Along with our ET services, you will experience exceptional client service. Examples of the benefits of our client service department include:

All Trans Ova Genetics frozen embryos are washed and labeled according to the International Embryo Transfer Society's protocol. The average number of transferable embryos per collection is 5 - 6; but a wide range of results are common. Some donor collections result in zero viable embryos while other donor collections may yield more than 20 viable embryos. All embryos are evaluated and processed by an embryology team with years of experience.


Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination (LAI)

Trans Ova Genetics is excited to also be offering Laparoscopic AI (LAI) to our client base. Lap AI is used to properly place the semen in to the uterine horns during a minimally invasive surgery.  We recommend the utilization of this procedure as it consistently increases the fertilization rate realized via a flush.  If fresh semen is used, the procedure only needs to be performed once. If frozen semen is used, the procedure will need to be performed twice due to a shorter life span of semen cells after they are thawed. The number of viable embryos recovered usually increases when using fresh semen.  All the semen is evaluated before it is used and a backup plan should be in place in case the semen is deemed poor. 

Trans Ova Genetics also offers LAI for clients strictly wanting animals bred. It is a very useful tool for shortening a lambing/kidding period and adding outcross genetics to a herd. We offer this service on-farm and in-clinic. When LAI is being performed for the strict purpose of getting animals pregnant,a single procedure is all that is necessary even when frozen semen is utilized.


Cloning and Genetic Preservation

Viagen, a division of Trans Ova Genetics, offers cloning services.  Cloning allows breeders to create a genetic twin of special individuals.  The first step is providing a simple ear punch to create genetic preservation or a cell line.  The tissue will be cultured, which will be cryopreserved until a client decides to move forward with the cloning process. When a client chooses to make a cloned animal, embryos will be made and implanted into healthy recipients. 

Visit ViaGen’s webpage at or call 1-888-8ViaGen for more information.

We are excited to offer clients these new services and look forward to working with you in the future.  Be on the lookout for further advancements in small ruminant technologies in the future as we plan on offering:

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