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Sexed Semen

Advanced Use of New Technologies

Trans Ova Genetics is able to gender select or sex/sort fresh or frozen semen for use in on-site in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET). The application of this technology can increase the odds of creating embryos – and subsequently offspring – of desired gender with up to 90 percent accuracy when sorting for females, and approximately 88% when sorting for males. The sorting of previously frozen semen is called a “reverse sort”.

With donors housed at a Trans Ova Genetics station equipped to practice IVF, breeders can choose the sire they wish to use on the aspirated oocytes or eggs from their elite donor females. This includes traditional non-sorted frozen semen, sorted frozen semen or non-sorted frozen semen that will be thawed and reverse sorted, . If the semen is delivered to the Trans Ova Genetics laboratory, it can be thawed and used in the fertilization process.

In the fertilization process, it is the bull’s sperm cell that determines the gender of the resulting offspring. The process of gender-sorting semen involves a flow-cytometer, which uses a series of dyes and light rays to detect a visible difference in DNA content between sperm cells carrying the X chromosome and cells carrying the Y chromosome. The X (female) bearing sperm contains 4% more DNA  than the Y bearing (male) sperm which allows the sorting process to be facilitated.

Trans Ova genetics is the premier cattle semen and sexed-semen company in the United States. Headquartered in Iowa, with locations in Texas, Maryland, and Missouri, Trans Ova has expertise in sorted semen, frozen semen, sorting semen, reverse-sorted semen, reverse sort, IVF, In vitro fertilization, invitro fertilization, dairy semen, beef semen, bull semen, bovine semen, semen straws.