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What is

A: When you visit Trans Ova Genetics' web site, you will notice a tab labeled "" This is a free site for all of Trans Ova Genetics' clients that allows access at any time to your embryo and semen inventories, procedure dates, invoices, implant history with expected calving dates, and live calf information.

How do I sign up for a account?

A: Call any of Trans Ova Genetics' client service representatives, and they will assist you with a user name and password. The only requirement is that you have a valid e-mail address.

Will others be able to access my account or information?

There is no reason to worry about somebody else gaining access to your information, as you will be the one selecting your personalized password.

Will I still be able to talk to client service representatives with any questions I have?

The site is meant to enhance your experiences with Trans Ova Genetics by offering access at any time to your data. As always our client service representatives are available to answer questions and work with you in scheduling your advanced reproductive technology needs.

What if I have questions about

Contact a Trans Ova Genetics' client service representative:

Iowa: (800) 999-3586
Missouri: (800) 372-3586
Texas: (866) 924-4586
Maryland: (866) 774-3162